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Sailing in Thailand – Day 2 – James Bond Island

James Bond Island & Railay Beach

For me, as a skipper, the greatest thing in the morning is to see all of the astonishment and delight of my crew members when they get off the deck and realise where we are. Today the James Bond Island is on our route.

Every morning you wake up in another magical setting. And this little miracle event only happens when you get to a place after the sunset and only on a yacht vacation. We had breakfast on the boat, some treated themselves to a fruit platter, the others to a delicious omelette.

Next we visited Koh Pan Yee – a village built on pillars above the water – where we were struck by the contrast between the plethora of pearls you could buy directly from the fishermen and the rustic but downtrodden surroundings of the fishing village. It was a medley of sweet and sour, because even if the village was rather spartan, the inhabitants were never without a smile, and without some of the most delicious coffee we ever had. We raised the anchor and stopped shortly after at James Bond Island. Though it is an inarguably beautiful place, it became extremely commercial after it got its cinematic fame. However, it remains a must see of the area.

We didn’t just raise the anchor at James Bond Island, we also raised our sails toward the next destination. Although the sea is extremely still, the wind can reach up to 25-30km (50-55km/h), which means that you can stop the engine and enjoy the scenery, the sea, the tide and the wind. The Sunset caught us on the way to Railey Beach, and it was as ever, stunning to behold.

Railay Beach surprised us – all the restaurants close at 21:00. But with hunger as a great motivator, three courageous members of our crew went to an adjacent bay to look for supplies.

Of course we still had food in the refrigerator, but the thought of some barbecued calamari, some freshly caught fish in a tamarind sauce and of all the other culinary insanities of Thailand was hard to escape. The brave adventurers were greatly rewarded at their return, with some refreshing cocktails prepared in melons and coconuts. I will not tell you at what time our party stopped that night, but I’ll leave you to enjoy the sight that we had in the morning.

Ahhh … and breakfast.

…to be continued…

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