Sailing in Thailand – Day 1

Shopping and Check-In

It was an extremely short night, none of us could sleep well – on the one hand because of the jet lag, on the other, because of the excitement of what will happen the next day.

On the way from the hotel to the Yacht Haven marina, we stopped at the fruit market that had caught our eye on the evening before. Baby pineapple? Bananas? Coconuts? Mango? And the Mango! Guava? Tamarind? And with the charming eyes of the seller, it was pretty hard to negotiate the price.

Once we arrived in the marina, some of us went shopping, where – as always – the bill reached over 2 metres in length! The others took to the boat and did a quick check of the equipment. Fast but thorough, because it’s crucial to make sure everything is in its place when you take to the seas.

We were surprised to find some amazing improvements at the Yacht Haven Marina since we were here last, in February. It’s being upgraded and the building is constant. “Our little cottage” was there, as though waiting anxiously to go out for a spin. As a result, we didn’t wait around much, and after all of the crew was equipped with snorkelling equipment, we went to Koh Pan Yee. We had two superb hours of sailing after sunset, which everyone enjoyed, as if it were the last day of our holiday.

The real surprise came in the morning, when the landscape took our breath away.

…to be continued…

PS. For details on our next tour “Sailing in Thailand”, please click HERE.


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