Sailing in Thailand - Day 7&8

Sailing in Thailand – Day 7 & 8

Sailing in Thailand – Day 7
After some coffee and a healthy breakfast, we left Koh Kradan behind, heading back to Phi Phi, the intermediate stop on our way the Yacht Haven Marina, where tomorrow this fantasy week will come to an end. Phi Phi has everything you need – fun, relaxation, great places for snorkelling or cliff diving. And here’s the greatest advantage of a yacht vacation – you can stop where you want, your only master is your own mood. That’s how we did it this time around, we abandoned the anchor and we organised ourselves as we pleased. The simple, endless freedom that a yacht holiday offers can not be lived out in a hotel or on land.

Sailing in Thailand – Day 8
In the morning we raised the anchor toward Phuket, the final destination of our trip.
Our ‘floating mansion’ was remarkable, making sure we had a dream week. Spacious cabins, each with a toilet and shower, a water maker, a fully equipped and very spacious kitchen. And maybe most importantly: Air conditioning! And the terrace – the terrace actually spans the whole yacht. You choose a place, you fit a mattress and you let the sun embrace you.

That was one of our experiences in Thailand. In February 2018, there will be Sailing in Thailand – Episode V and so on… Thailand is in our hearts, because it’s a destination that catches you in its net and you can never escape its charms. In fact, you don’t want to escape. It makes you understand that everything is possible, it motivates you to go further, to push yourself to overcome your limits and to get what you want, because paradise is in reach.

We love Thailand and we’ll go back with love, every time!

If you would like to join us, check our next event Sailing in Thailand, by clicking HERE. We would love to welcome you aboard!

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