Sailing in Thailand – Day 6

It was a fantastic night out on the sundeck… When you’re sailing in Thailand you HAVE to spend at least one night sleeping under the stars!

A gentle breeze covered us all night. You couldn’t say if it was hot or cold, it was just perfect. We got organized very fast with breakfast and coffee, and moved the catamaran to the Emerald Cave, everyone not knowing exactly what there was to see there. I just told them that it’s a cave in which we have to swim about 80m and we’ll have to get lanterns because it’s dark. A little bit of fear crept up in their hearts because of the darkness, and to regain their calm, we prepared a rope to keep everyone in reaching distance, so that there’s no one left behind.

I went swimming, went into the cave, lit the lanterns, started the jokes, and in less than five minutes we saw the “light at the end of the tunnel”. The amazement, the wonder and the delight that shone on everyone’s faces was indescribable. I can only say that there was a collective ‘Wow’ humming throughout the cave. On the other side of the tunnel we found the Emerald Cave.

Describing its beauty here is useless, and in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words, indeed. It’s the place you’d want to be stranded on in a romantic shipwreck story. You have your own beach, your sand, your sea, your trees, your mountain! The cheerful and cheeky crew created a ‘stand-up’ atmosphere, and we could only manage to leave after two hours, because it was hard to break away from this magical place.

With the smile on our lips, we set out on the way to the next island – Koh Kradan. As we approached the island, our joy and delight grew exponentially – almost usual I would add, when you’re sailing in Thailand. Arrived on the shore, we took our lunch at Kradan Beach, and we had a little Siesta in the hammock. A half-hour sleep was perfect for some, while others investigated the island by foot. A few minutes walking takes you through the jungle to the west side of the island where you can admire the most beautiful sunset of your life. The evening continued at Sevenseas, a resort and restaurant that was graciously endowed with an Italian bartender, so even though it was the evening, I could not miss a real espresso.

It was a night to remember! And I will ask one of our crew to write a guest post about that night, so you can live it through his words. I hope he will accept the “challenge”… 😉

Filled with natural wonders and well seasoned with dinghy adventures, Koh Kradan with its beach full of tree-lined slopes, palm trees over the beach and hammocks, will remain the most beautiful island of our Sailing in Thailand holiday, as wild as it is!

We’ll come back soon!

…to be continued…

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