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Sailing in Thailand – Day 5

Maya Bay – breakfast on deck – Priceless! Sailing in Thailand at its best!

The sun appears shy after it emerges from the ocean and the beach lights up to a blinding white. Yes, we managed to get up early, but we didn’t manage to be the first on the beach… Anyway…it was still unseasonably quiet when we arrived. It was not yet the time for the innumerable “busses” of tourists to arrive.

The energy of the island absorbs you totally, puts a smile on your face and leaves you speechless. You don’t want to leave this place, and you could very well live broken off from civilisation – at least for a while. The name “The Island That Does not Exist” begins to make more and more sense, as you become one with the surroundings, questioning if you could just disappear for a moment, yourself.

It wasn’t easy to put up with the disappointed looks from the crew members when I answered “No” to the question “We’re staying here, right?”. But we still had some surprises ready for the next few days. A little while after lunch, we got off the buoy and set off on our way to the next island – Ko Muk. A few hours, a lot of sunshine, sunbathing on the sundeck and enjoying some ice-cold drinks, accompanied by extremely good music. We had just reached the sunset, the perfect ending for a great day. Maybe it seems like everything is a bit too superlative in this story, but that’s Thailand – superlative. The landscapes, the water, the sand, the food, the weather … and the people! Everyone is smiling and eager to help you at any time.

For the morning, we have a secret plan, which our friends on the boat will only learn about by living it – tomorrow.


…to be continued…

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