Sailing in Thailand – Day 4

The scenery we woke up to was gorgeous…as usual…when you’re sailing in Thailand

But after a “heavy” night, some excellent coffee is needed. So, I took to the Phi Phi cafes and bars, and strolled around until I found one that had real espresso. Being hit by the aroma of freshly ground coffee in paradise is an undeniable bonus. Now can we really start the day! (next time I’ll bring my Nespresso machine with me)

On the way back to the beach, we went into a market where we negotiated at around 900THB (about 27$) for almost 6kg of fish! We also had a master chef on the boat, that’s one thing I forgot to tell you. And, we also had a barbecue! What followed? It’s somewhat easy to guess – but more on that, later. Two more ice bags and we came back aboard.

“Where’s the monkey beach?” is heard from the bow. It was very close, so we climbed into the dinghy and crossed a path to the shore, where we wanted to get a SUP – and then we headed for Monkey Beach. But, not so fast, nature had other plans… In less than five minutes the sky darkened to anthracite tones and we learned first hand what it means for torrential rain to fall in a subtropical area. We managed to get back to the catamaran before the rain began, except for the one who had taken the SUP – Dorin. It was a relatively short shower, but the it poured not by the bucket, but by the barrel! That’s too light of an analogy, because even by breathing through your nose you were drawing water. It was the most rain we’ve ever lived through. But it passed in a matter of minutes. Of course, after that we got into the dinghy and headed for the monkey beach. A beautiful experience I’d love to repeat – maybe next time we can also bring some bananas with us!

We’ve delayed as much as possible telling the crew where we’ll go tonight, and when we arrived at the scheduled place, what we read on their faces confirmed our decision to spend the night in Maya Bay. We tied the ship to a beacon, because Maya Bay is a bay with a lot of coral and is declared a protected area. The wind blew lightly, which helped the coal in our barbecue light almost instantly. Our menu? Barbecued fish, baked potatoes, mushroom sautee and garlic sauce with lime. A small feast, in a deserted bay on “The island that does not exist”. Yes, this place is called that because “The Beach” was filmed here.

Then, there was a necessary visit to the coast – I couldn’t miss a night time visit to “The Beach”. You cannot not do that! It’s a must! And a bath at night in Maya Bay. Amazing experience!

The evening culminated in an extended, intensely filmed and intensively studied game of charades. It’s all in the montage. In the morning we woke up very early, because we wanted the beach just for us.

If we succeeded or not, I’ll tell you in “Sailing in Thailand – Day 5”.


…to be continued…

PS. For details on our next tour “Sailing in Thailand”, please click HERE.


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