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Sailing in Thailand – Day 3

I wrote this after a two day break. Why? Sailing in Thailand is quite an experience and the crew was super-excited, so I really didn’t have time to grab my laptop and write down my thoughts. There was constantly something to do, a new beach to visit, a new bay to drop anchor…or meeting local fisherman to get fresh fish for our onboard barbecue. Yes, we do have a barbecue onboard.

So here it is…

We didn’t end up in a wreckage, and we didn’t get lost, we just went to “The Island That Does not Exist”. But that’s something I’ll keep for the next post…

I raised the anchor very early morning from where we stayed over night in front of Railay beach, because we all wanted to get to the “well-hidden” place in Phi Phi Village. You will soon understand what I’m talking about. Surprisingly, we have wonderful weather, even if the forecast says something else. A calm sunlight, sometimes peaking through a thin layer of clouds, escorted us throughout the trip. And then we saw the first white beach with its unthinkably fine sand. With this heat, a swim is in order!

And then we go on to Phi Phi Island and the surprise prepared for our crew members. It was a short voyage, just a few hours. Hours that passed too fast, while we all were lost in the landscapes. But we got here, we dropped the anchor and we took a dinghy to shore. Ten minutes on foot through the jungle and we’ve arrived. We unite the tables, and we order Mojitos for everyone. Menus? I left them aside – I already knew what we wanted to order.

Each in a row, we ordered the Morning Glory hot salad, the famous Pad Thai noodles, the garlic and pepper shrimp, the shrimp in tamarind sauce – we made our own little Thai feast. And the taste … is indescribable. But I promise we’ll bring you here if you decide to come with us Sailing in Thailand. What followed? A long swim and an evening party at the beach!

Waking up the next morning was a bit harder, but it was more than worth it. Why?

You’ll find out soon…

…to be continued…

PS. For details on our next tour “Sailing in Thailand”, please click HERE.


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