Adventure sailing

If your passion is sailing and adventure, you're in the right place.

Our adventure sailing trips are designed to provide longer sailing distances and a more adventurous itinerary than our leisure sailing holidays; The emphasis is on sailing and may include passages of 50 miles or more out to the Cyclades.

You can use the trip to gain miles towards a sailing an RYA qualification, or simply hone your practical sailing skills whilst having a sailing holiday visiting new ports and countries.

The itinerary - where you sail to - is flexible and the crew are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the skipper. The skipper must, however, have the final say based on time, weather and the crew’s experience. Remember, your route may alter during the course of the week based on the weather or other conditions, although the skipper will always be happy to explain any changes with you.

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Best Seasons:All Year
Popular Location:Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Mediterranean Sea

Adventure Sailing Vacations

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