You’ll love a sailing holiday if…


Never ever had a sailing holiday?

Are you adventurous? Do you like getting closer to nature and meeting other people who share the same passions? If you answered “YES” to all the three questions, then continue reading…a sailing holiday should definitely be next on your bucket list.


I’m sure that you’ll love sailing if you like…


Life is an adventure! Even on the most ordinary of days, extraordinary things can happen. And on board, in a sailing holiday, you’ll have a wonderful adventure. If you’re sea sick, you’ll have the biggest sense of achievement when you finally make it to a calm spot, a bay where you’ll drop anchor. And I’ll tell you a trick – if you suffer from seasickness, try to keep yourself busy at all times, take the helm, trim the sails.

It’s all an adventure, but one that you will enjoy! Exploring the underwater, getting to and from the land with the dinghy, discovering new hidden bays…


You’re living and breathing Mother Nature on a sailboat. Your sailing holiday, your route, your whole trip is weather dependent. If you’re lucky, dolphins will lead your way, and turtles will hang out with you. You’ll maybe find out you enjoy the rain…the music of it falling down onto the deck, while you’re cosy in your cabin…

Meeting new people

You will definitely meet new people. From different countries, different culture. On your sailboat, as crew-mates, or when you find yourself somewhere new. Age really doesn’t matter to much to sailors, everyone is very friendly and love to share their stories with others. There is a downside to all this…and is that time when you have to head off in different directions…

Travelling to exclusive places

I’m thinking about places…bays, beaches, anchorages that can be accessed only by boat. And there are a lot! It would cost a lot to hire a private beach for an evening of  barbecues and sundowners, but on a sailboat, if you plan well, you’ll find yourself in that position only with the courtesy of the wind that blew you there… And if you’ll find a superyacht just beside you, you’ll realise that it’s burning money as you think of it ? without having the same amount of freedom… Ok…having exact the same view as you are?

Try new things

Every second on a sailboat is trying something new. It can be sailing itself, or different water activities – snorkelling, diving…maybe fishing. You have endless possibilities and you will never have time to get bored. Nevertheless, your new friends might teach you new things and come with ideas about new adventures.

And the most important of it all is that you don’t have to like all these five things to enjoy a sailing holiday – everything can be adapted to your own needs. Well…almost everything, everything but the nature ?,

Be open minded, have a positive attitude about your sailing holiday and you’ll have THE time of your life! Check our Event Calendar to see which one suits you better.

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