Refund Policy

Cancellation by Us
We may cancel the event or any part of it:

  • for safety reasons if we or our supplier(s) regard adverse weather conditions or other safety concerns as unacceptable and which cannot reasonably be overcome;
  • If we reasonably believe that you may cause harm or damage to our reputation or to the reputation of our suppliers or to property belonging to our suppliers;
  • If a supplier or suppliers are unable to host the event for any reason;
  • If changes you wish to make to the booking mean it is uneconomical or impractical to hold the event;
  • If we cancel the whole of the event, we shall use our best endeavours to rearrange the event on a mutually convenient date, or provide a refund to you of the cost to us of the event.
  • We regret that some travel packages shown on our website or in our brochures can only be operated if there is sufficient demand for the same and a sufficient number of people book such travel packages.  Where this is likely to be the case we will tell you at the time of booking. If there is insufficient demand and subsequent confirmed bookings, we have the right to cancel the travel arrangements in question. If we have to do so, we promise we will tell you or your travel agent as soon as we possibly can. In this situation, we will provide a refund to you of the cost to us of the event, or if possible, of the same package departing on a different date. Where we cancel for lack of numbers in accordance with this paragraph, no compensation or other amounts (for example, the cost of any connected travel arrangements you have made independently) will be payable.

Save as above, we shall be under no further liability to you for cancellation of the event or any part of it.

Cancellation by You
You may cancel your booking within a period of seven days after the initial deposit however this initial deposit is non-refundable. All cancellations must be made in writing from the lead name on the booking. After thirty days the amount of the cancellation fee is calculated according to the date on which we receive written notice of your wish to cancel. If you cancel with us more than forty-five days in advance of the travel date, then the cancellation fee is a minimum of 50% the total booking cost. If you cancel with us within forty-five days of the travel date, then the cancellation fee is 100% of the total cost of the booking.

Failure to Provide an Event
If, due to reasons beyond our control, an event is unable to take place due to (but without limitation); closure of premises, the ceases of trading, a change in supplier management, weather restrictions, we will provide you and your group with an alternative event and if this is does not prove possible, a refund to you of the cost to us of the event.