Board our sailing adventures

An adventure sailing holiday or mile building trip, operates in a similar manner to a cabin charter holiday. You can book a single cabin (two berths), or if you and a group of friends wish to sail together, you can even book the entire yacht, and the more of you who book together, the lower the price each of you pay for your adventure sailing trip.

The key difference between our adventure sailing trips and cabin charters is the distances you are likely to cover and the style of sailing. Whereas our cabin charters are designed to provide a relaxed sailing holiday, our adventure sailing trips aim to allow you to build miles and experience with longer passages and more challenging sailing. You should expect more time at sea and to not always be in sight of land during an adventure sailing trip.


How it works…

Adventure sailing trips are run under the control of a skipper. This leaves the skipper to worry about safety & yacht management and allows you to enjoy the sailing. You also gain from the skipper’s sailing experience, familiarity with the yacht and extensive sailing knowledge.

The itinerary – where you sail to – is flexible and the crew are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the skipper. The skipper must, however, have the final say based on time, weather and the crew’s experience. Remember, your route may alter during the course of the week based on the weather or other conditions, although the skipper will always be happy to explain any changes to you.

With both an adventure sailing trip and cabin charter, you are required to help sail the yacht and help in preparing food, although food preparation is usually limited to snacks at lunchtime. A kitty system is usually the best option to cover the cost of food and drink eaten aboard. All crew members are also required to assist in keeping the yacht clean and tidy.

Evening meals are usually eaten ashore in a local restaurant, quite probably over a beer or two after a good day’s sail, although you may cook aboard if you wish. Where you eat is your choice, although it’s worth listening to the skipper’s advice which is always based upon quality, location and value and not on kick backs!