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Catamaran Sailing Holiday or Hotel

Catamaran v. Hotel

Just think about it… Your skipper calls you on deck, as your private catamaran arrives into a “secret” gulf for the day stop. The beach is glowing…you lay back on deck, listening the sea slapping softly the hull… Hear its invite to have a bath.

You haven’t decided yet if you’ll stay for the night, and cannot think about it now… The view is breathtaking and the smell of the delicious seafood lunch is just too much to cope with! You’re overwhelmed.

Yes, we will probably have a night at anchor in this picturesque bay and enjoy our “private pool” at night… It’s that most perfect scenery you cannot recreate by staying in a hotel. This is our main goal – to take you out of that sometimes “dusty” hotel room, where you find yourself watching the sea and dreaming about joining the yachts sailing by, and to welcome you onboard of your own catamaran. Cause that’s what it is…and it’s easier than you think!

No, it’s not only the hobby of salty sailors or only for the elite… Today, sailing holidays are becoming more and more popular, because it combines it all: the charm of the mainland with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and the ability to cruise through stunning cities, islands and bays on your own time. Check our Sailing Holidays Events and choose your dream destination. That’s exactly what we offer in our catamaran sailing holidays.
If you’re still not convinced, wait for my next post and I will give you the top reasons why a sailing holiday is better than a stay in a hotel…

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